Smoke density monitoring

Smoke Density Monitoring

SBS1000 Smoke Density Monitor is designed to precisely monitor smoke emissions from all kinds of combustion such as diesel engines, incinerators and boilers. The patented technology and robust design makes the SBS1000 a reliable and effective information tool in modern ships operation.


Installing a Smoke Density Monitor enables ship?s crew to continuously monitor and document smoke emissions to bear proof of compliance with environmental emissions standards when needed.

The short term benefit is avoiding fines, time-consuming investigations and costly delays. In the longer-term perspective, the smoke density monitoring can be used in optimization of the burners? combustion and performance of the boiler leading to optimal fuel utilization and minimal emission of pollutant substances.

The principles

The Smoke Density Monitor is designed for the harsh environment in and around smokestacks. The monitor requires a minimum of maintenance and is kept clean with an integrated purge air system . Two optic heads are mounted on the socket and connected via optic fibers to the actual monitor. The monitor can be mounted basically anywhere up to 6 meters away from the smokestack. See key features and specifications here.

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